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Dr. Robert O. Young

Over the past twenty years, Dr. Robert O. Young and Shelley Redford Young have supported the health of thousands of people with their revolutionary alkaline diet and lifestyle. This alkalizing diet and scientific approach—known as The New Biology®—is based on their extensive nutritional microbiological work, which spawned their authoring of the globally renowned book series, "The pH Miracle," which has been printed in over twenty languages. READ MORE Facebook Logo Twitter Logo

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Whether you're wanting to improve your health situation, LOSE WEIGHT, or just want more energy, there is a wealth of knowledge here for your benefit. You'll find FREE healthy recipes, educational videos, and scientific articles. We offer health coaching and other services to support your well being. It's never too early to start feeling better today.

This site features pH Miracle Living alkaline diet concepts, alkalizing foods and recipes, and information derived from the science of live and dry blood analysis.

The science of Dr. Robert and Shelley Young and the pH Miracle lifestyle and diet have been set forth in best-selling books including The pH Miracle, The pH Miracle for Weight Loss, and The pH Miracle for Diabetes and the recently released The pH Miracle Revised and Updated. These books contain the Youngs' philosophy and methodology, including diet meal plans and healthy recipes beyond what can be found in the popular Back to the House of Health cookbooks.

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