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    by Dr. Robert O. Young

    DrYoung There are many measurements of water, but the most important for determining the best water to drink are, the pH, oxidative reduction potential—or energy potential/activity—molecular structure, and purity.

    Science has helped us to determine that the best measurements for our drinking water are the pH and purity, but little understood is the importance of the molecular structure of water.

    Assuming that most waters that humans are drinking are purified, most tap and bottled water has 10 to 20 molecules per water cluster. The larger the molecular water cluster, the lower the electron activity. The smaller the molecular water cluster, the higher the electron activity. The reason that there is greater electron activity surrounding the smaller water cluster is because as one decreases the number of water molecules that are clustering, one increases the surface area that can now express its charge.

    Currently the best waters to drink are those with a pH of 7 or above, an electron activity in the negative millivolts, (mV) a redox of 22 or less, a water that is less than 5 molecules per cluster and ideally a monomolecular water, and a pure clean water free of organic matter.

    As you may be aware, there are over 1000 choices of commercially bottled water to drink.

    But in order to maintain a healthy body and a healthy permanent weight—to lose weight or gain weight—the water has to meet the following specifications:

    1) The water must have a pH of 9 or above to maintain balance when healthy. This is necessary for regaining health and energy and regulating body weight. In an imbalanced, acidic state, your body needs water that is 9.5 or above to offset proton concentration that causes the body to hold on to fat as a protection.

    2) The water must have a negative ORP (electron potential) of -1mV or greater to maintain balance when healthy. To regain health and regulate bodyweight, the water should have at least -250mV.

    This provides sufficient electron activity to neutralize excess acids that are constantly being generated through digestion, respiration, metabolism and cellular breakdown. These cause the body to gain weight when the acids are not buffered and eliminated.

    Another way of measuring the energy potential of your water is to evaluate the redox. Quality water will have a redox of 22 or less, which gives us an indication of the electron and proton concentrations.

    3) The water must have no more than 5 or 6 molecules per water cluster, but ideally the water should be monomolecular allowing for greater cellular membrane permeability for intracellular hydration.

    Masaru Emoto, a Japanese researcher and specialist in the study of microcluster water, has found that polluted or contaminated water, as well as that which is highly processed and chlorinated, produces microclusters and crystals of water that show deformities.

    Conversely, pure alkaline water produces beautiful clusters with a unique and ordered variety. Emoto's research is a remarkable revelation. His photographs of polluted and alkaline pure water molecules can be viewed in his book, 'Messages from Water,' or at www.hado.com. This research provides additional evidence that 'water is not only a mirror reflecting our mind,' but water is 'the source of life.'

    4) The water must be filtered of any impurities, i.e. bacteria, yeast, mold, algae, etc.

    As you drink your way to a healthy body, you will find that the single most important part of pH Miracle Living is to re-hydrate the body with high pH electron-rich pH Miracle Water. It is the easiest and quickest way to regain your health and vitality or to lose weight or gain weight.

    The average person drinks about one liter of fluids per day from coffee, tea, soft drinks, food and water, all of which are over-saturated with acids or protons and can prevent you from achieving ideal health.

    You will become exactly what you drink as you 'pee' your way to health.