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    by Dr. Robert O. Young

    DrYoung In the 1930s two men made major discoveries that we are only now beginning to understand and act upon.

    Victor Schauberger, a forester in the Australian mountains, discovered that water is a living entity that has truly remarkable powers as it emerges from high mountain Springs. If it were allowed to run between cool shady banks of the original forest, it would remain energized and be able to enrich the whole of the watershed in which it flowed. In deed, the whole in ecology of the land and animals, including man, depends on this energize water.

    Schauberger showed that if the forest cover that shaded the banks of the water courses was logged and the water therefore became heated by the sun, the life-giving properties of primary water were gradually dissipated. The whole water cycle became disrupted; the fertility of the soil was depleted, and so was the health of all who drank the water.

    Meanwhile, in France, Claude Vincent was commissioned by the French government to find out why certain areas of France have higher levels of cancer than others. Professor Vincent was a hydrologist. He therefore tested the water in these areas and confirmed independently, what Schauberger had found. The areas that had a high level of health and a low incidence of cancer had water that came from deep artesian springs and was highly energized.

    The converse was also true.

    The areas that displayed the highest cancer incidence and overall mortality were shown to have low energy-water that came from more superficial sources; by flowing through open country it had lost its ability to sustain health in the ecosystem.

    Vincent, initially tested three parameters:

    1) pH or acid alkaline balance: Healthy water was more alkaline; degraded water became more acidic. This was found long before the acid rain from industrial gases started to kill our lakes and rivers. Vincent also tested the pH of blood saliva and urine and found that in poor health the internal water was more acidic, especially in the tissues. The more acidic the tissues became, the higher the risk of the ill health cancer and of course diabetes.

    2) rH2 was the second quality that Vincent measured. This is a measure of energy and reflects the number of electrons in the water. Unfortunately, energized water is called 'reduced' water, and the energizing process called reduction, because the early scientist believed that electrical current flowed from the positive pole to the negative pole. We now know that it flows in the opposite direction, and it is the flow of electrons that does the work, whether in an electrical appliance or in the human body.

    rH2 is also linked to the reduction oxidation potential (ORP), called 'redox' for short. Again, oxidation means a loss of energy or electrons and a gain of protons or acids, and reduction means a gain in energy or electrons and a loss of protons or acids. rH2 or ORP measures the electron activity or potential of the fluid being measured.

    Vincent found that water became degraded by flowing through areas unprotected by trees or through distribution pipes. It became more oxidized and lost its electrons. This was associated with a higher death rate in the community served by this oxidized or energy depleted water. It was difficult to ignore that the quality of water being drunk on a daily basis was reflected in the diminished quality of health of those drinking it.

    Research on the Hunza people of northern Pakistan has indicated that the major difference between these long-lived healthy people and their less healthy brethren is in the water they drink. Living in the mountains, they have access to glacier melt from rushing mountain streams.

    This water is very high in electrons, energy and minerals. It is also in 'micro' form, which means that it has increased power to dissolve minerals and salts.

    3) Resistance, or R, was the third parameter measured by Vincent. This refers to the amount of dissolved minerals in solution in the water. The higher the R factor, the more pure the water; the lower the R, the more electrolytes in the water.

    Schauberger showed rainwater was immature water and needed to go through a 'cycle' in the soil, where it would pick up nutrients and become mature. On the other hand, glacial melt contains many minerals in solution and appears to be one of the main reasons that the Hunza people live so long in such good health.

    As Vincent started to measure the water compartments in the body, the correlation between the drinking water, the quality of water in the body, and the quality of health became undeniable. He developed the B.T.A. or Biological Terrain Assessment to determine the alkalinity and energy of the body fluids including the blood, urine and saliva.

    This test can evaluate the acid/alkaline balance and oxidative stress in the body and can be used to predict future health. Professor Vincent's solution was to move to an area of health-giving water, and he purposely withheld the location of the highest quality water that he found, for fear that everyone would want to move their and destroy the precious source of this water.

    There is, therefore, a need to be able to duplicate this water in our homes, if we wish to be healthy, and free of diabetes, as clearly, we all cannot all live on a mountain or near an energized spring.