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    DrYoung The following is a pH Miracle story and how drinking pH Miracle water may make a difference in reversing a serious health challenge like lung cancer.

    Dear Dr. Young,

    No one ever wants to know the depths of despair one feels when their doctor tells them they only have a year to live. That is what I experienced on May 1st 2008 when a 4.5 cm tumor was found in my liver and ten 5mm nodules in both my lungs. Previously, in 2007 I had chemo, radiation & extensive surgery to remove a leiomyosarcoma that had invaded my pancreas and although they said they 'got it all', it was obviously not the case.

    Our family was desperately seeking alternative treatment options, when we were referred to you, through my daughter. It was as though you dropped right out of heaven. You gave me hope when my oncologist gave me hopelessness. I started drinking 4 liters a day of your pH Miracle water and adjusted my diet to eliminate highly acidic foods the end of May. I had already had one chemo treatment (May 24) by then and drinking the pH Miracle water eased the terrible after effects. I had one more treatment after that (mid June) and decided to stop. The Oncologist wanted me to have 6 treatments (to try and buy me a few more months). I am sorry now that I did any chemo treatments at all and my family doctor does not believe that the two treatments were at all effective.

    As I continued drinking the high pH, pH Miracle water, I felt my strength and energy coming back. In mid July I had a chest Xray and an abdominal ultrasound. This was after approximately 45 days on the pH Miracle water. The results showed the tumor in the liver to be 4.3cm and considering that I had tests done in Jan 2008 and it showed nothing there, the tumor was growing at a rate of over a cm a month, so we know it grew at least another cm during the month of May, before chemo or the pH Miracle water. My Dr. agreed in actuality that the tumor had shrunk over one cm. The Chest Xray showed 'nothing'. No nodules at all... which my Dr. said meant regression or 'gone'. Words cannot express the relief I felt.

    Your pH Miracle water has been my life line and I continue to feel better and stronger every day and I look forward to my next tests in Sept. I know this is working and I know that because of this pH Miracle water, I WILL be cancer free.

    With much love and immense gratitude,
    Linda Clark

    The following pictures are the reversal of melanoma skin cancer by drinking Dr. Young's pH Miracle Living water.

    First day before drinking pH Miracle Living Water:

    14 days after drinking Dr. Young's pH Miracle Living water:

    33 days after drinking Dr. Young's pH Miracle Living water:

    36 days after drinking Dr. Young's pH Miracle Living water - no more melanoma cancer!: