Can You Over Alkalize? No!!! Part Three

Kal: The conclusion, then, is that there are no diseases, under normal conditions, that are the product of one's pH being too high. Having said that, there are a few principles to discuss in connection with this that will help us care for our health more wisely.

Dr. Young: There are no normal conditions when one is in a state of "latent tissue acidosis." I respectively disagree with your conclusions. Where is your scientific evidence to support your theory. But, I have scientific evidence. In fact, the evidence is shown in the saliva pH which is an indicator of alkaline reserves of the body and the urine pH which is an indicator of tissue pH. The blood is always constant at 7.365. The scientific evidence is achieved by measuring the pH of sick people and giving these sick people alkalizing treatment and then noting the change in the blood and tissue. It is done by doing daily saliva and urine pH measurements, weekly CBC's, cholesterol panels, liver panels, blood cancer tests, blood glucose testing, chemistry panels, and MRI's and/or Pet scans.

The proof is in the pudding and the pudding is in the alkaline pH of the blood and tissues.

Kal: Principle 1: Sudden alkaline shock

Kal: Sudden alkaline shock is what some professionals create when treating cancer. The healer might put the person on a program that includes several very important things, but one of those is sudden alkaline shock where the alkalizing foods and herbs and habits result in such a dramatic shift upward in pH that the body goes too alkaline and often starts to oscillate.

Dr. Young: There is no such thing as "alkaline shock." There is such a thing called "acidic shock" and is expressed by negative health symptoms and an acidic urine and saliva pH. When you start the hyper-alkalizing process the body now has the resources to reverse the excess tissue acidosis. This is a good thing. The only shock when hyper-alkalizing is coming from the acid being released from the tissues not the base chemicals introduced to release and buffer the acids from the tissues.

Kal: By oscillate, I mean that the body becomes extremely alkaline and then overcompensates back to acidic and then, because of the alkaline program, it goes to extreme alkaline again. This is vital to get the body's immune system to clear out all cancer (well, also what we think can cure cancer almost immediately). The immune system functions higher when the body is slightly acidic and the extreme alkaline moments actually reduce the size and virulence of the cancer. Many healers seem to use this system very effectively for treating cancer.

Dr. Young: How are you measuring this oscillation? There is an oscillation of alkalinity and acidic which I refer to as the ebb and tide of tissue, urine and saliva pH. I measure this oscillation in the blood and tissues daily with pH Hydrion paper. The most important time to measure the pH of the tissues is in the morning. You should measure the morning pH each morning. The morning pH is a measurement of your lifestyle and dietary choice from the day before. If your urine pH is below 7.2 then you are in "latent tissue acidosis" and you need to make changes in your lifestyle, diet and supplementation. You need to start living, eating and thinking alkaline. You need to increase your alkaline mineral salts. I would suggest taking each night before bed 1 scoop of pHour salts in 3 to 4 ounces of water to help buffer the dietary and/or acids of the day. In the morning you will see the alkalizing result and feel the alkalizing benefits.

When you start hyperalkalizing, you start the removal of acids. The immune system shuts down and becomes paralyzed in an acidic environment. You can shut the immune system down for up to 5 hours with just a glass of acidic orange juice. When you start alkalizing, the white blood cells become active again. You can do this with alkaline water with a pH of 9.5 or with 1 scoop of pHour salts in 3 to 4 ounces of purified water which dilutes the acid that is paralyzing the white blood cells. The benefits are immediate and can be seen in the live blood with the re-activation of the white blood cells.

Kal: This can be induced unwisely on certain health programs and accidentally in certain situations.

Dr. Young: It is apparent you are confusing hyper-alkalinity with the release of acids from the tissues.

Kal: For example, I took a small group on a healing and meditation retreat into the high mountains of Wyoming. We camped at 10 or 11 thousand feet and made day hikes up as high as 12 thousand 3 hundred feet.

Dr. Young: Hiking requires energy which produces acids which requires adequate alkalinity to buffer those acids or you will get sick and/or tired. Also, elevations of 10 to 11 thousand feet are acidic because they are deficient in alkalizing oxygen. This kind of hike would require hyperalkalzation of alkaline compounds such as sodium bicarbonate and sodium chlorite to increase alkalinity and oxygen into the blood.

Kal: While there, we drank only spring water coming from a glacier right above the lake we camped near.

Dr. Young: All glacier water, at best, has a neutral pH of around 7. All the glacier water I have tested is slightly acidic. Glacier water would not be adequate for alkalizing and oxygenating the blood and tissues for a hike up to 10 or 11 thousand feet.

Kal: In addition to this, we took along a totally raw selection of fruit (limes) and some totally raw energy bars that were highly alkalizing and healing; you can find the recipes on ( on the downloads page -- available to registered users.

Dr. Young: I do not know of any raw energy bars that are alkaline. Most of them contain natural sugars which are all highly acidic. Sugar is acid and acid is sugar by whatever name you call it. Sugar in any form has similar side-effects in the blood and tissues much like the side-effects of cocaine. In addition Kal your recipes are acid forming. In response to food acid load, 36% of the H+ or proton goes intracellular in exchange for the release of Na+ (sodium) into the blood stream. 15% of the acid goes intracellular in exchange for K+ (potassium) - common in diabetics. 6% of the H+ or proton or acid goes directly into the cell to be buffered by intracellular processes. 43% is buffered extracellularly as NaHCO3- or sodium bicarbonate combining with H+ or proton or acid to form H2CO3 or carbonic acid which breaks down to CO2 or carbon dioxide to be released by the lungs. 10% of CO2 or carbon dioxide is excreted through the lungs and 90% is used by the body to reabsorb alkaline minerals and make sodium bicarbonate or NaHCO3.

The biochemistry is: CO2 + H2O + NaCl = NaH2CO3 = HCO3 + HCL.

Kal: Being an herbalist, I also planned for us to eat lots of the wild greens along the way.

Dr. Young: Eating lots of wild greens will help your blood, but it will not provide the extra electrons and alkalinity needed for a strenuous hike.

Kal: While this sounds like a pretty good program, it actually had one serious drawback -- the fact that we would all get stuck in extreme alkaline shock. Because of the spring water, which was, itself, extraordinarily alkaline, we got stuck in alkaline and could not get back to acidic. Further, alkaline water does not hydrate well and we had gone to a much higher altitude where we needed more hydration help, not less.

Dr. Young: Kal, this is not even close to a pretty good program. In fact your program is perfect for getting stuck in extreme 'acidic shock." The water you were drinking was not alkalizing to the blood tissues. The energy bars you were eating were acidic. The sugary acidic fruit you were eating was also acidic. You were at higher elevation with less oxygen which is also acidic. You were not drinking high alkaline, oxygen rich, electron rich water. You were not drinking or eating enough greens to compensate for the energy it took to climb the mountain. You flat out did not alkalize the blood and tissues and you became over-acidic from your so-called healing and mediation retreat. You and our group were experiencing to a lesser or greater degree "acidic shock."

Kal: The consequence was weakness and extreme dehydration. We had not thought to bring along a watermelon or distilled water or some vinegar even, to make for a slightly acidic hydration source. We just cavalierly kept drinking from the spring and doing half a dozen other things to make ourselves alkaline.

Dr. Young: The weakness and dehydration are both symptoms of tissue acidosis and caused by a deficiency of alkalinity. This also happens when you over exercise. It is called lactic tissue acidosis and is experienced by the symptom of pain. This lactic tissue acidosis can be removed with increased hydration with alkaline water or a shot of pHour salts in 3 to 4 ounces of water. The best athletes in the world do this.

Kal: This was unwise and made it hard to make the trek down the mountain! When we got home we ate large amounts of watermelon and were hydrated in just a few hours.

Dr. Young: You went home and had some acidic sugary watermelon which is no better then if you had drank a sports drink or had a cup of coffee and stimulated the body back into feeling better. It is all an illusion when you are stimulating the body into feeling good. All you did with the ingestion of the sugary watermelon was stimulate the body into feeling good. You didn't do anything to help the body recover from the symptoms of over-acidity and you ended up probably taking months or possibly even years off the life of some of the team.

Kal: Sometimes, acidity is quite necessary for survival and over alkalinity can be a hazard. Even in serious illness, it is important for the body to be able to regain a slightly acidic state in order for the immune system to function well.

Dr. Young: The immune system is poisoned by acids and shuts down in its presence. Acids kill; alkalinity heals. It is that simple.

Kal: This is the natural way of things. Most of the time the body stays alkaline, but it is easy to switch back to acidic because there are no unnatural or extreme alkaline agents in the body. The body will switch to acidic to clean up, to kill invaders, to rapidly hydrate, to kill cancer, to heal rapidly, to deal with threats and so forth.

Dr. Young: The body will do everything it can to maintain its alkaline design. The only time the body becomes over-acid is from poor lifestyle and dietary choice. Also Kal, cancer is not something you kill. It is not a cell. It is toxic acid from environment, diet and/or metabolism. And eating watermelon, other sugary energy bars, and sugary acidic fruit speed up the process of acidic or cancerous tissue. It is one in the same. You cannot hydrate yourself with acid. Hydration has to be done with alkaline fluids or you force the body cells to biologically transform into bacteria and/or yeast. I have done this experiment over and over again with the blood. As the blood fluids become more and more acidic, this causes the cells to biologically transform or change to bacteria, then yeast and finally mold. Vinegar is a strong toxic acid and destroys body cells and compromises the delicate pH balance of the blood and tissues. Vinegar is the urine of fermentation and when added to the blood it destroys it. The body uses its own hemoglobin to buffer acids. This is why people become anemic. The body releases alkaline buffers such as sodium bicarbonate, hemoglobin, and oxygen radicals, such as SO-. HO- and H2O2, in order to neutralize the toxic effects of dietary and/or metabolic acid to preserve the alkaline design of the body.


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