Incredisocks - Men Black Dress Sock

Incredisocks - Men Black Dress Sock

Incredisocks - Men Black Dress Sock

Black men's dress sock with all the expected comfort and style of Incredisocks.


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Men's Dress Sock

Available Sizes:
 Medium / Large (Men 8.0 - 12.5)

Description: Built for speed, performance and sustainability, Incredisocks possess a versatile combination of chic fashion coupled with extreme comfort and the healthful features you have come to expect from Incrediwear.

Made from bamboo charcoal, the sleek designs only confirm Incrediwear’s commitment to perfection. This recipe ensures a perfect match no matter what your desire. Whether you are a competitive athlete, or simply have cold, tired feet, Incredisocks evoke luxury and sophistication that is unavailable in other socks. Keeping you warm when it’s cold and cool when its warm, Incredisocks performance unequivocally lives up to the promise of excellence.

One test drive in these socks will make you a believer! Join the Incredi-movement today!

Customer Reviews:

by Scot T. Olson
(Colonel, US Army)

Recently I tried a pair of Incredisocks in my combat boots. I was blown away with the comfort, fit, and function. The technology incorporated in this product truly sets it apart from all other brands. So superior are these socks that I quickly replaced every boot sock, athletic sock, and casual sock in my drawer. The good news is I now have the best socks available on my feet, and plenty of wash and buff rags for my truck and motorcycle. 

Thank you Incredisocks!

by Eric Braschwitz

The sore posterior tibaialis tendon I had for over 2 years finally healed after wearing the socks pretty much full time - it took about 4 months. I do believe the socks helped me turn the corner on this chronic injury. I have been running pain free (at least in that part of the body) for a couple months now.

by Marilyn Hortense

Issue for me was persistent numbness in toes - GONE COMPLETELY after few days of wear

Any chance you might consider making gloves? The socks are wonderful,
an aid to circulation.

by Elaine Heveron

(Rochester, NY)

I discovered your amazing socks at the local co-op (Abundance) in Rochester, loved them, and ordered 6 more pair from Star Nutrition, in black and in white, crew and ankle; both very low--and great for Summer. 
But once Summer ends, these short socks will not do in colder weather! Why do you have a dress sock for men but not for women? I only see red hikking socks for a taller sock for women here. I would wear I ncredisocks every single day if you had more styles, mostly taller. I work from home, go for hour long walks daily, so I don't need real dressy, but love the cushiony heels, as I have heel pain. Who wouldn't want a cushiony anti-microbial, well-made sock you can wear for more than a day? I used to only wear Smartwools; now I only wear Incredisocks. Thank you for this amazing sock.

 Incredisocks - Above Ankle Athletic Fit
Incredisocks - Above Ankle Athletic Fit
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