Whether weight is a pesky annoyance that keeps you from looking the way you want or it's a serious health concern, the pH Miracle program will help you shed the excess pounds. Not only that, but this program will give you increased energy, vibrancy, and renewed health.

First, you need understand what makes us fat before you can comprehend the cure, because any system that only addresses the obvious symptom—excess pounds—will never truly solve the problem.

The issue is acid, or the over-acidity of your blood and tissues. You may be surprised to know that the fat we so detest is in fact saving our lives. Our body uses fat to encapsulate—imprison if you will—excess acids that enter the body. The body can cope with metabolic acids in small amounts, but when we intake too much acid the body can't deal with it all and goes into preservation mode. To keep these acids from poisoning and killing us, our bodies bind them up with a fat buffer for protection. The good news is that in the short term your body protects itself from immediate damage. The bad news is that in the long term, those fat/acid deposits create a whole bunch of health problems. That's what we really want to avoid.

So how do we break up these acid/fat deposits in a healthful way? These toxin-acids may come from various sources but the main source of acid intake comes from the food we ingest. So when we learn what acid food and drink to avoid and what alkaline foods and drinks we ought to consume, our body will consequently have less need to buffer acid and will happily shed those now unnecessary pounds.

You'll also find the Seven Steps to Weight Loss, Testimonials, Weight Loss Recipe Videos, and below we've collected the best Weight Loss Supplements for your health.

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microscopists Doc Broc's Power Plants™ Greens

With Doc Broc Power Plants, Dr. Young has developed a superior greens drink product that delivers vital nutrients to combat aging, unbalanced weight, and provides long-lasting energy, improving on his original Super Greens. Who is PHM Life?        


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The pH Miracle for Weight Loss The pH Miracle for Weight Loss

Looking to lose weight? Forget counting calories, fat grams, and cholesterol. The single most important health measurement is the pH of your body. This book shows you how discover the secrets to weight loss.

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PuripHy™ PuripHy™

With just a few drops puripHy acts as an antioxidant and oxygen catalyst, helping your blood absorb more oxygen from the water you drink. (2 oz.) Who is PHM Life?

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L-Carnitine™ L-Carnitine™

L-Carnitine binds to fatty acids and transports them to the mitochondria to be used as fuel—which means that fat that would have been stored on the body is burned instead. (90 capsules)
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HCA can help cut body fat storage by 75, meaning increased energy for the body. Cravings produced by acid overgrowth will also diminish, curbing over-active appetites.(90 Capsules)
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CLA Boost™ CLA Boost™

Reduce harmful acids and decrease your body's fat storage.

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Core Cleanse™ Core Cleanse™

This unique, high pH formulation is an excellent cleanser for you digestive organs, while improving the vitality and health of the gastrointestinal system.

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pHour Salts™ pHour Salts™

With a combination of four powerful carbonate salts, Young pHorever™ pHour Salts™ by pH Miracle® is designed to help you maintain the alkaline integrity of your cells, organs, and body. (454g Powder) Who is PHM Life?
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Omega 3-6-9 Essential Oil Blend Omega 3-6-9 Essential Oil Blend

A unique blend of organic flax, borage, and hemp oil containing the ideal ratio (2:1:1). *Temporarily out of stock

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Terra pHirma™ Terra pHirma™

SUMMER SKIN CARE! Terra pHirma is Montmorillonite Clay which can improve digestion, circulation, energy levels, immune system, and help with weight loss balancing sugar levels.  1 lb. jar.
*Temporarily out of stock
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Greens pH Miracle® Greens™

Greens drink powder formulated to alkalize the body--providing energy, vitality, and improved health.  An updated version of the original SuperGreens created by Dr. Young. 

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Activator™ Activator™

To Help Your Blood Absorb More Oxygen

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Opti Oils Opti Oils™

Get the essential oils your body needs in a convenient capsule.

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pH Miracle for Weight Loss Teleseminar 6-CD Set pH Miracle for Weight Loss Teleseminar 6-CD Set

This six disc audio series is an in depth discussion on healthy weight loss as taught by the pH Miracle for Weight Loss. Main topics addressed are: Water, Food, Exercise, Nutrition, Cleansing, and Weight Loss. (Discs available for purchase individually or as a complete set.)

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pH Miracle Cooking with Chef Shelley DVD pH Miracle Cooking with Chef Shelley DVD

In this DVD, Chef Shelley guides you through the creation of fourteen fabulous recipes, created to fill you with life and vitality while tantalizing your taste buds.

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