Chef Shelley Pack Chef Shelley Pack

The Chef Shelley Pack: • 5 Avocados• 2 Grapefruits • Spice Hunter Spice - The Zip • 1 pkg. pHlavor Nuts• 1 box Kale Chips• Almond Milk Filter • Cooking with Chef Shelley DVD • 2 oz. pHlavor Salt • 2 oz. Real Salt • Avocado Oil • SHIPPING INCLUDED Save 15%
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Body Care Pack Body Care Pack

The Body Care Pack: 1/2 lb. pHour Salts• 1 lb. Terra pHirma Clay • Head pHirst Shampoo • Top pHinish Conditioner• Refresh Face and Body Wash• Avocado Moisturizing Lotion • SHIPPING INCLUDED
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October 9, 2012 (Tuesday 6pm PST): Introduction to the New Biology
Dr. Robert O. Young's science behind the blood.
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