DrYoungYou may have noticed that with our recent sales and special offers The pH Miracle Center has been working diligently to supply you the best ionizers at record low prices; to help you obtain a quality water ionizer that alkalizes, ionizes, purifies, and structures your drinking and cooking water.

The question is.....why are we working so hard to help you and your family obtain a quality water ionizer? Purchasing a quality water machine may be the most important health decision of your life.... would you like to know why?! Purchase of a good water ionizer is the #1 thing that you must do to prevent illness and reverse health challenges that are already present and quietly working against you every day.

Why is good quality water is so important? Where is the proof that it is? What do we know about the importance of water being alkalized, purified, ionized, and structured? In fact, what do all of those terms even mean?

In this letter, I will explain these terms, and make you an offer, once again... for yourself....your loved ones.....your parents....your kids in college....or those newly-weds with a precious bundle on the way.... an offer designed to help anyone acquire a good quality water ionizer.

Remember, most illnesses build up over time. They don't have symptoms that you can see or feel until the problem is acute and illness begins to manifest. That's why so many people who feel just fine suddenly die of a heart attack, suffer a stroke, or even continue to feel just fine even several months after being told by their physician that they have cancerous cells.

This entire issue of quality water is literally a life and death issue... for some people right now....and for virtually everyone sooner or later.

If you want to "cut to the chase" and already know what I am about to say, and if you are ready to take advantage of our current effort to help you regain maximum health, simply click here to order a quality ionizer at an incredibly low price.If you want to know moreā€¦.let's define some of our terms.

If you have read the new REVISED AND UPDATED pH Miracle book that Shelley and I have rewritten, and which was just released this past Fall, or if you have attended one of our Retreat either here in the U. S., or around the world, then you have heard me say what I will now repeat.

"Your body was about 90% water when you were born. Most of us are about 50% water when we die. The aging and dying process is largely processes of dehydration".

So what happens?

We can say that in many respects, we die of either (a) some level of dehydration or (b) because the quality of water in our cells, tissues, and organs is not healthy enough, or sufficiently plentiful, to continue CRITICAL DETOXIFICATION of the body.

If the cells of our bodies do not have adequate, electron rich, quality water, we cannot properly eliminate waste products or toxins, and we do not properly detox. And if our bodies do not properly eliminate waste products and continuously detox, there is nothing that will save us from a serious health challenge, disease and ultimately - death.We take in enormous amounts of acid from eating, drinking, exercising, working, even thinking.... being sedentary even produces acid from just our daily basal metabolism ... simply being alive. Every time a muscle twitches, every time a neuron fires, every turn of our mitochrondial energy cycles, we create just a bit of acid, multiplied by the billions of cells in our bodies... all of this acid has to be eliminated from the body one way or the other.

Food and water have different metabolic functions even though those functions overlap. Healthy food...not just any kind of food we put in our mouths....but "healthy", electron rich foods, are responsible for the quality of our thoughts, our cognitive and neural abilities as well as building and maintaining healthy muscles, cellular regeneration, and simply maintaining strong, healthy, and energetic bodies. Water, on the other hand, is all about purification, enabling healthy chemical reactions to go forward, and removing acid, waste products, cleansing, and detoxification the entire body.

IF YOU ARE DRINKING THE WRONG KIND OF WATER .... NO MATTER HOW MUCH YOU DRINK .... YOU MAY VERY WELL BE DOING AN INADEQUATE JOB OF RIDDING IMPURITIES AND TOXINS FROM YOUR BODY! In fact, municipal water in many of our cities is of such poor quality, and has such an acidic pH, that simply drinking the water may actually be a detrimental to your health!

When I magnify a drop of blood 10,000 times, I can see the proof both of what inadequate intake of good, quality water can do to harm the blood components and tissues, and what adequate intake to good quality water can do to reverse detrimental tissue decline, and improve the quality of both live and dried blood specimens.

For everyone, there is a point of no return; a point where a person has simply waited too long to make the necessary lifestyle changes. Many of the needed changes center around adequate, quality water intake. But... there is also an earlier point at which it is not too late, but a point at which it still may take months and even years to regain robust health! I see this often!

It is disheartening to see people struggling to regain their health, when it is so much easier to stay healthy in the first place.

When the toxins and acids are not properly eliminated, they take up residence in the body. When the fluids of the body are not healthy enough and/or plentiful enough to rid the body of waste products and toxins.. these products literally poison healthy cells.. and then serious health challenges of one kind or another are the result.

There are only four natural ways the body rids itself of waste products and toxins. They are Urination, Defecation, Respiration, and Perspiration. AND...their proper functioning is all dependent on the right kind of healthy electron rich water / and fluids in the body...and enough of them.

By the time you are 20 years old, your body is probably down from 90% water to about 70% water. By 50, most of us may be down to 50% water or less. You do not want to continue this ongoing decline. If you are drinking the right kind of water.... water that a good quality ionizer provides, then your body can hold more fluid in the cells and between the cells. When your body is properly and adequately hydrated, the body's cells, tissues, and organs are actually more "plump" and hold more alkaline fluids.

The bottom line is.... in order to establish and maintain healthy cells, tissues, and organs in your body, you must be drinking the right kind of alkaline, electron rich, water.

Alkalized water has a healthy pH of 9.5 or better. Ionized water has an ORP (Oxidative Reduction Potential) of about -200 to -400 mV. Purified water has all or most of the toxins and impurities removed. Instead of all the molecules being stuck together, structured water is broken into smaller molecular clusters for easier assimilation, which also provides more surface area of the water molecules to promote important chemical interactions.

In my 25+ years of studying nutrition and blood microscopy, I have found NOTHING that a person can do that is more important to his or her health than changing the kind of water that they drink.

If you don't own a quality ionizing water machine. Give yourself the gift of life, and start drinking water the way it is supposed to be... life giving, purifying, anti-aging and health sustaining.

I have seen and tested almost every ionizer out there and by far Chanson has been my favorite. I like that Chanson has been in business for over 30 years, and is full scale manufacturer. I like that Chanson focuses on water filtration and purification to treat the water before it enters the ionizer. I like the results our chanson units produce here at the PH Miracle center and the Chanson service and warranty are second to none. You will not find a better ionizer at a lower price anywhere!

Here's to your health this Holiday Season!

In love and light,

Dr. Robert O. Young


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