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"The New Biology made sense. However, I declared, "I am not going to give up my coffee, red meat and beer!" I was in for a surprise! On March 2, 2003 I began to take control of my health. The amazing changes that occurred with my body and my health have changed my life and my attitude about health and nutrition. I began drinking 3 liters of Greens per day. After just 2 liters of the greens (on the first day), my body began to crave the greens. My body knew that the greens were good for me!... products, along with a new way of eating, have changed my life."

-Pam Schulte-Wagner
Homestead, Iowa

Our skin should be smooth and supple, our minds quick and alert.
Instead we are overweight, sick, and sluggish.
We want to remedy this for everyone.

The Innerlight Foundation Mission:

The mission of the Innerlight Foundation is to provide, at no charge, health education and holistic health and nutritional care based upon the pH Miracle science of Dr. Robert O. Young and Shelley Redford Young. The pH Miracle education and medical care will be provided to infants, children, young adults, and adults with cancer, heart disease, and diabetes at no charge or at a significantly reduced charge, depending on need.


100% of all donations go toward the Alternative Health Legal Defense Fund or to for the care and healing of needy patients at the pH Miracle Center. You generosity will ensure that they not only survive, but that they live and thrive on the pH Miracle Program.

Donate: You Recieve This Gift:
$1 Dr. Young’s Complete Whole Body Alkalizing Program Digital Booklet  
$5 Sick & Tired Audio Download
$10 Watch Dr. Young's Lecture, "How to look 10 years younger and live 10 years longerwithout pain and disease" Online.
$25 Your choice of one autographed book - The pH Miracle, The pH Miracle revised and updated, The pH Miracle for Diabetes, The pH Miracle for Weight Loss, Sick and Tired or Back to the House of Health I and II books.
$50 One Autographed copy of a pH Miracle book, Sick & Tired Audio Download, and Dr. Young’s Complete Whole Body Alkalizing Program Digital Booklet.
$75 PuripHy drops for alkalizing water
$100 A Manual Healthy Juicer or the Complete Vision Made Real Vol. 1 or 2. Audio Download
$250 A Manual Healthy Juicer and 1lb. Doc Broc’s Power Plants
$500 An Electric Healthy Juicer
$1,000 A WaterMark water alkalizer
$2,500 A Whole Body Vibrational Machine plus a WaterMark water alkalizer
$5,000 Certificate for a 2 night and 3 day stay at the pH Miracle Ti Sana Detox Resort in Como, Italy (includes ALL treatments)
$10,000 Certificate for a 6 night and 7 day stay at the pH Miracle Ti Sana Detox Resort in Como, Italy (includes ALL treatments)


Your donation is tax deductable for the difference of the donation amount from the retail price of the gift.

Click the "Donate" button below to make any size donation you desire. Every contribution helps. We thank you in advance for you kindness. God Bless.

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October 9, 2012 (Tuesday 6pm PST): Introduction to the New Biology
Dr. Robert O. Young's science behind the blood.
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