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The New Biology Basic
Microscopy Course

December 9 - 13, 2015

Taught in English

December 16 - 20, 2015

Taught in Spanish

Location: Portugal - Hotel Cascais Miragem

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Europe: +351 964772696
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$8,649 for ML 5000 Microscope with camera, digital adapter, software, and heavy duty case.

$10,649 for MT 5000 Microscope with camera, digital adapter, software, and heavy duty case.

For full details including early registration requirements: call 760-751-8321 or Email Us

The New Biology Advanced
Microscopy Course


Taught by: Dr. Robert O Young
Location: Valley Center, CA


$8,649 for ML 5000 Microscope with camera, digital adapter, software, and heavy duty case.

$10,649 for MT 5000 Microscope with camera, digital adapter, software, and heavy duty case.

For full details including early registration requirements: call 760-751-8321 or Email Us

Nutritional Microscopy is a revolutionary technique that uses live blood samples
to identify health problems and improve well-being.

pH MIRACLE RESEARCH CENTER CLINICAL MICROSCOPY AND BLOOD CELL ANALYSIS: A blood test for detection and monitoring of metabolic dysfunction.

The phase contrast blood assessment and brightfield live and dry blood analysis are used as screening tests to monitor metabolic dysfunction—thereby taking the guesswork out of diet determination and the selection of an appropriate supplementation regime.

The tests are administered by extracting a few drops of capillary blood from the fingertip. The blood is then placed on microscope slides to be observed through two different optical modalities of a high powered microscope. This technique enables a microscopist—as well as a client—to observe and analyze the features of the blood terrain via video monitoring. Among the phenomena observed in the live and dry blood are:

  • The level of activity of the immune system
  • The condition of the red blood cells
  • Liver, kidney, pancreas, heart, lung, prostate, ovary, breast and other organ stress
  • Detection of the presence of parasites, yeast, fungus, mold, and the degree of pleomorphic activity
  • Observation of features associated with blood sugar imbalance
  • Observation of features associated with malabsorption of fats
  • Observation of features associated with protein malabsorption
  • Observation of features associated with nutrient malabsorption and vitamin deficiency
  • Observation of crystalline forms such as protoplasts, fibrous thallus, uric acid, cholesterol, and mycotoxins
  • Observation of features associated with gastro-intestinal tract dysfunction
  • Observation of features associated with degenerative conditions

Both the health care professional and the client will be able to see the characteristics of the client's blood—live on a video screen which can give current information as it pertains to the biological terrain of that individual (Abnormalities appear in the blood sometimes years before they manifest themselves as illness). This information can assist the Health Care Professional and Client by:

  • Giving early warning of possible oncoming problems
  • Specifying conditions quickly and unambiguously
  • Alerting them to the advisability of specific medical referral
  • Monitoring the condition before and after regimes
  • Determining the effectiveness of various regimes

Blood Sample A.
Phase Contrast Microscopy: C. Albicans/ Y-Form Yeast

Sample B. Bright Field Microscopy: Arthritis and Gout Profile in medically diagnosed client's blood

Sample C. Bright Field Microscopy: Colon Cancer / AIDS Profile in medically diagnosed client

Blood Sample D. Bright Field Microscopy: Thyroid / Hypercalcemia Profile in medically diagnosed client

THE NEW BIOLOGY™ MICROSCOPY COURSE features "hands-on" course training in medical microscopy by Robert O. Young, D.Sc., Ph.D.,

Throughout his career, Dr. Young has focused his research at the cellular level—with a specialty in nutrition.

In the hands-on intensive course, Dr. Young will discuss and illustrate the natural developmental cycle of microforms—teaching practitioners how to use the microscope as a powerful evaluation tool.

This course features high quality light microscopes equipped with video cameras to view live and dried blood. Each participant will need a microscope to ensure that they become proficient.

In addition, the participant will be trained in the following:

  • A new biology called Pleomorphism.
  • The etiology of atherosclerosis, diabetes, arthritis, cancer, and AIDS—to name a few.
  • A new paradigm of human disease and protocols for recovery.

The class training will run from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. each day with a practicum from 7:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. The cost for the seminar and the extensive course material is $9,995.00. The necessary microscope package (see details below) for the course is $8,649 and will be assembled and calibrated—waiting for your arrival.

History of Pleomorphism: This brief survey will describe the historical context in which pleomorphic science has progressed from the time of Béchamp, Enderlein, Rife, and Naessens, to the present time and the research of Dr. Robert O. Young.

Basic Sciences: We will cover the anatomy and physiology of the blood terrain: the erythrocytes, lymphocytes, neutrophils, etc.—their normal profile and function in maintaining homeostasis. Also covered will be an overview of organ structures and functions of the body and other basic biology concepts.

Microscopy: As a student you will be receiving hands-on training in the use of Phase Contrast and Bright Field Microscopy.

Blood Pathology: Through the use of hundreds of micrographs, the systematized course, study materials, and direct observation of slides through the microscope, we will identify the stages of the basic pathology that affects the normal function of the immune system, the blood cells, and platelets. In addition we will study the evolutionary stages of the pleomorphic cycle and their effect on human health.

Detoxification, Nutritional and Dietary Consultation: In order to reestablish homeostasis, equal emphasis must be given to detoxificaton and nutrition. Although we do not diagnose (this being restricted by law to licensed health care providers), we are able to detect the activity of the immune system; the degree of fungal, bacterial, and parasitical proliferation; allergies; the presence of pseudo-crystalline structures such as arterial plaque, protoplasts, and uric acid crystals; as well as other imbalances in the body. On the basis of these observations, we are able to identify regimes which maximize the capacity of the body to reestablish homeostasis. The program is designed to optimize the use of available akalizing products and protocols.

Research Documentation Program: The course is structured around a set of illustrated interpretive forms that facilitate accurate identification and interpretation of blood terrain phenomenon. Aside from the obvious advantage of significantly enhancing learning efficiency, this system contributes to the systematized accumulation of reliable research data.

The NEW BIOLOGY™ MICROSCOPY TRAINING COURSE: Completion of this course will provide the tools necessary for health care professionals and microscopists to incorporate this very effective screening procedure into their practice. Those who have completed this course of study and meet the outlined requirements will receive a certificate of completion. But as with life, there is no end to this research journey.

Continuing Education: We also offer a business class which has been developed and implemented by Fred Shadian, Canada's most successful and influential Dr. Young-trained Microscopist and motivational speaker. The course typically takes place in Valley Center at the pH Miracle Center, directly before or after a Basic Microscopy Course. For details click here.

Also, graduates of the completed microscopy course have the opportunity to attend the 6-Day Advanced Course. This allows basic-trained students to hone their skills and knowledge, network with new microscopists and have their questions answered on-site, including consultation on specific blood slides of clients the student may bring to the class. Call the Research Center for details and prices on this special opportunity. 760.751.8321

Alumni Benefits: Graduates are admitted as Research Fellows of the Robert O. Young Research Center and invited to participate in the ongoing clinical research conducted by the Center. For questions and guidance, graduates may telephone and e-mail the center's director, nutrition consultants, and the business manager. A website is being established for microscopists to exchange information and network with other practitioners.

More Specific Microscopy Course Information:

COURSE DESCRIPTION: This course covers the use of microscopy in a clinical setting—presenting the theoretical basis and practical application of microscopic analysis of blood for the interpretation of the metabolic health status of patients.


COURSE OBJECTIVE: Training to a basic/intermediate skill level; Certificate of Completion received upon completion of all course requirements.

SUBJECT AREA: The subject is the use of microscopy in health risk assessment and trends towards states of imbalance.

SYLLABUS: Client Care; client history; teaching guidelines; identify dietary concerns; post test care; blood chemistry testing structural makeup and physiological function of blood, serum and their components; purpose for the use of both dry and wet blood testing; normal and abnormal findings in blood analysis; crystals; yeast, bacteria, parasites and other pathogens; history and current usage application in clinical practice; computerized and video image storage retrieval, and database cataloging system; microscope design, optics and lighting.

FEE STRUCTURE: $9,995 - Includes course materials, instruction, start up pack of all required analyzation supplies, referrals from the Alkalize and Energize Network. Also includes three alkalarian meals per day.

Microscope Package Option Includes:
  • Young pHorever phase contrast / brightfield microscope
  • 50 watts of illumination (100 watt bulb available)
  • Phase contrast condenser with brightfield anulus objective
  • 4X brightfield objective
  • 10X brightfield Objective
  • 40X phase contrast Objective
  • 100X phase contrast oil immersion / dry objective
  • .045 high-resolution digital color video camera
  • Software with adapter
  • Transportation case - waterproof, break proof (guaranteed)

For full details including early registration requirements:
call 760-751-8321 or Email Us


"I write to you from England to tell you how much I appreciate the warm and welcoming hospitality you both extended to me personally and to all of us who came to your home. Every moment, I was aware of the honour and privilege it was, to be immersed in the knowledge and understanding that you shared with us so generously. The whole experience of microscopy has been an invaluable pivotal turning point in my life. My enjoyment iin expanding my knowledge day by day and using my microscope is unsurpassed. I am loving being connected to something this special that you have researched so genuinely and wholeheartedly and shared with us with so much love and humility. I send my love and best wishes to all the wonderful people who are at the ranch or who came to the ranch, who worked so hard and cared for us all so well, to support your endeavours and make it all possible. So much of great value was given. With deep gratitude and love,"

Julia Verity

Hi Dr. Young and Shelley, I just wanted to let you know I got so much out of the microscopy class. An understanding of the new biology. I have been reading the books and listening to the tapes and find it all so facinating. I believe what I learned is priceless. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge with me and everyone who wants to learn.
Thanks again,

Lynnda Bentley

"I hope this email finds you both well. It's been almost two months now that I am on the Diabetes Study. My progress is good. So far having lost 17 lbs, dropped my cholesterol 40 points, and decreased my insulin about 40%. I think I'll have to take the program to the next level now. I'm guessing you will tell me to increase my greens and begin exercising. If I guessed wrong let me know. Otherwise, I'll keep you posted on the progress at the end of August. I'll be at the Convention... then the Retreat.... And I'M TAKING YOUR MICROSCOPY CLASS!!! I already signed up. Lots of Love, Light and Health"


"I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia about 2 years ago. I have been taking Dr. Young's products and now, because of these products, I have gone from 9 pain pills a day to 2. Now that I am getting back my health I finally have the opportunity to tell people. With Heartfelt Thanks,"


David from NYC is 6'1" and weighed in at 240 lbs on December 2000. He started taking following Dr. Young's protocol and comsuming his alkaline products and by April he had lost 45 lbs. He has gained a ton of energy and his ill temper calmed to a low roar. His BP dropped to 100/60 and his pulse down to 50. He now has the energy to keep up with his 4 and 7 year old sons.

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* Payments received are non-refundable; if you are unable to attend your scheduled course your participation will be rescheduled to an alternate course date that is more convenient for you.


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