The pH Miracle Professional Affiliate Program

The pH Miracle Center's Professional Affiliate Program provides a method for doctors, therapists, and other health professionals to work more closely with Dr. Robert O. Young,  Shelley Redford Young, the New Biology, and Young's health products, greens, supplements, and educational products and services. 

When patients and clients of Professional Affiliates purchase products or services from the pH Miracle Center, Professional Affiliates will also earn income in this manner and open the door to other opportunities, experiencesand initiatives within The pH Miracle Center.

How the pH Miracle Center Professional Affiliate Program Works:

First, the pH Miracle Center will provide a link for you to place on your website which links to the products and services of Dr. Robert O. Young and Shelley Redford Young.

Second, when Professional Affiliates send out emails that have been approved by us, we will give them permission to include a "click-on" link for their patients and clients  to link to the pH Miracle Center website.  The pH Miracle Center must have received such potential emailing a minimum of  72 hours in advance of the mailing in order to properly and thoroughly consider its impact and future implications.  Such emails may become an opportunity for the furtherance of various forms of education, health inquiry, disease prevention, data gathering, promotions, invitations, and any number of professional and ethical, business enhancement activities."  Email

In this way, a conscientious Professional Affiliate will continue to provide the ability for their clients to be connected to the unique, research-based products generated from the clinical research and New Biology of Dr. Robert O. Young, now clearly the leading nutritional microbiologist and live and dried blood microscopist alive in the world today.

Third, a Professional Affiliate will earn an Affiliate Program fee of 10% for product sales generated from these links and 5% for training and other programs.  Fees are provided quarterly. 

CLICK HERE TO APPLY for the pH Miracle Center Professional Affiliate Program and please read all the pertinent information and Q&A information appended below.

a) if you do not presently have a website and would like to have one, 
b) if you do not send e-mails to your clients and would like to,
c) if you would like to discuss a) or b) with The pH Miracle Center InternetTechnology staff, or
d) if you would like to be notified when the pH Miracle Center will open itswebsite development program to assist you.   


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Dr. Robert O. Young's science behind the blood.
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