Most common Q&As of Professional Affiliates:

Q:  For whom is the Professional Affiliate Program designed?
A:  The Professional Affiliate Program is designed for professionals including doctors, weight loss therapists, chiropractors, colon therapists, dentists, nutritionists, fitness coaches and trainers, massage therapists and all professional practitioners who have many clients and for whom it would be inconvenient or impractical to purchase products at the office of the Professional Affiliatemember. 

Q:  What are the financial benefits for the Professional Affiliate: 
A:  In addition to commissions, Professional Affiliates do not incur the considerable expenses associated with product purchase, ordering & tracking of inventory, warehousing and storage, creating an order management system, administering credit cards, record keeping, responding to inquiries, shipping & receiving, returned inventory, customer relations, and so on.

Q:  What are the commissions paid to Professional Affiliates?
A: The Professional Affiliate Program pays a 10% commission for product sales and 5% fee for services such as conferences, retreats, microscopy training, and various education related to live and dried blood analysis.  Affiliate Commissions are paid quarterly.  (Rates and terms may be revised from time to time.)   

Q: Is there specific information to help my clients differentiate Dr. Young’s products from the maze of products available in stores and on the Internet?
A: It is important that you conscientiously set forth the major differences between Dr. Young's products and the thousands of Internet companies and entities selling products.  If patients and clients cannot clearly explain to themselves why Dr. Young's products are superior in a number of ways, then they have less reason to make purchases through your site.  There are drug stores, nutritional shops and health food stores throughout the world that carry hundreds of confusing and copy-cat products.
Q:  So, what exactly are the differences between Dr. Young's formulations and the ingredients found in the supplements of other companies?  
A:  Dr. Young oversees the quality of his products and their ingredients and his products are based on his extensive and most recent clinical work,research, insights and discoveries.

Q: Why is it that on any given day you may find that hundreds and hundreds of Internet sites using the name Dr. Young?  Is he involved in these companies?
A:  Many companies “borrow” from Dr. Young’s reputation and science in order to increase sales.  Dr.  Young is widely recognized as the leading scientist in several areas including pH balance, nutritional microbiology, live and dried blood analysis, disease prevention, water chemistry and human health, morbid detoxification, and many disease reversals including cancer, obesity, diabetes, heart health and all common disease entities.  Many Internet sites give the impression that they are in some way associated with Dr. Young when they are not.   Further, this confusing advertising charade occurs despite the fact that competitors have not incorporated into their products Dr. Young's health science, research and discoveries over recent years.

Q:  When clients ask more detailed questions about Dr. Young products, how can I simplify the complex issues of health and supplemental medicine?

A:  There are at least three factors that you want your clients to understand when they are purchasing products and supplements from any source.

#1:  Dr. Young continues to create and formulate products based on observations of blood during live and dried blood microscopy.  This clinical research spans more than 15,000 clients over more than two decades.  Most supplement manufacturers lean heavily on standardized and traditional practice.  Traditional supplement companies derive much of their standards and practices from western medicine and its associated problems in understanding the design and function of the human body.  Dr. Young’s products are derived from the results of clinical observations over a long period of time and thousands of individuals.

#2:  Across these thousands of people, it is important for your clients to understand that Dr. Young has had the unique opportunity to change peoples' diets and nutrition, add his own formulations based on his knowledge of blood science, biology and organic chemistry, continue to add or subtract components to a client's nutritional regimen, and then, in a short time, view the client’s blood once again.  Dr. Young's products are based on his own observations of what it is that has saved thousands of lives and improved the health of hundreds of thousands of people.

#3:   In order for your patients and clients to be confident in linking through your site, you will want them to know that they will not find unhealthy, questionable or dangerous fad products and ingredients among Dr. Young's recommendations and formulations.  Many supposedly health-oriented providers of supplementsfirst ask the question “What can we sell?” rather than “What is needed?” and “What is the science behind the concept?”  Few products on the marketplace are based on decades of clinical research and the personal clinical care and follow-up across thousands of people experiencinghealth challenges. 

Q:  Based on Dr. Young’s research, what are the unhealthy ingredients and products to be avoided?

A:  Unhealthy products and ingredients include, but are not limited to,mushrooms and vinegars of all kinds and varieties, chlorella, spirulina, blue-greenalgae, fructose and all types of sugar additives, synthetic and chemically-imitatedsugars, brown rice, brown rice syrup, corn-based syrups and additives, excessivesugars from certain fruit juices such as agave, pomegranate, acai and other exoticfruit mixes, caking agents, coloring, preservatives, and so on.

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