The pH Miracle Alkaline Diet:

Our Alkalarian Approach
to Optimal Health

by Dr. Robert and Shelley Young


"The New Biology made sense. However, I declared, "I am not going to give up my coffee, red meat and beer!" I was in for a surprise! On March 2, 2003 I began to take control of my health. The amazing changes that occurred with my body and my health have changed my life and my attitude about health and nutrition. I began drinking 3 liters of Greens per day. After just 2 liters of the greens (on the first day), my body began to crave the greens. My body knew that the greens were good for me!... products, along with a new way of eating, have changed my life."

-Pam Schulte-Wagner
Homestead, Iowa

"Searching for health the last 30 years has been like an archeological dig... finding a "this" or a "that", only to discover they were useless.

"In 10 weeks I have lost 40 pounds of my 142 lb. target amount. But of the highest importance is the fact I can feel health seeping back inside once again. I have at last found my jewel beyond all price.

"A great shock was to find my singing voice starting to come back after 31 years of missing in action, and then noticing the age spots on my hands were actually getting lighter!

- Elaine Boylston

OUR BODIES WERE DESIGNED TO BE HEALTHY, slender and energetic. We were intended to have smooth, supple skin and a quick, alert mind.
Instead we are overweight, tired, and sluggish. WHY?

An Alkaline Diet Based on The New Biology®

When the Fish is Sick Change the Water! FishbowlDr. Robert O. Young's New Biology®, most simply stated, is that the over-acidification of the body is the single underlying cause of all disease.

In contrast, the old biology, based on the work of Louis Pasteur in the late 1800s, stems from the idea that disease comes from germs which invade the body from the outside. Dr. Young has found that when the body is in healthy alkaline balance, germs are unable to get a foothold.

Think of Your Body as a Fish Tank.

Think of the importance of maintaining the integrity of the internal fluids of the body that we "swim" in daily.

Imagine the fish in this tank are your cells and organ systems bathed in fluids, which transport food and remove wastes. Now imagine we back up a car and put the tailpipe up against the air intake filter that supplies the oxygen for the water in the tank instead of a quality water machine. The water becomes filled with carbon monoxide, lowering the alkaline pH, creating an acidic pH environment, and threatening the health of the "fish," your cells and organs.

What if we throw in too much food or the wrong kind of food (acid-producing food like dairy, sugar, and animal protein) and the fish are unable to consume or digest it all, and it starts to decompose and putrefy? Toxic acid waste and chemicals build up as the food breaks down, creating more acidic byproducts, altering the optimum alkaline pH of the water.

Basically, this is a small example of what we may be doing to our internal fluids every day. We are fouling them with pollution, smoking, drugs, excessive intake of food, over-consumption of acid-forming foods, and any number of transgressions which compromise the delicate balance of our internal alkaline fluids.

Some of us have fish tanks (bodies) that are barely able to support life, yet we somehow manage to struggle from day to day, building more sever imbalances until there is the inevitable crash and debilitating chronic, disturbing and disorganizing symptoms to deal with.

The pH level (the acid-alkaline measurement) of our internal fluids affects every cell in our bodies. Extended acid imbalances of any kind are not well tolerated by the body. Indeed, the entire metabolic process depends on a balanced internal alkaline environment. A chronically over-acidic pH corrodes body tissue, slowly eating into the 60,000 miles of veins and arteries like acid eating into marble. If left unchecked, it will interrupt all cellular activities and functions, from the beating of your heart to the neural firing of your brain. In summary, over-acidification interferes with life itself leading to all sickness and disease!

How Do You Know If You're Overly Acidic?

Fat is an Acid Problem so Drink Your Greens!

Perhaps one of Dr. Young's most well known discoveries is his theory of the cause of obesity—the overweight. He has shown that fat is actually an over-acidification problem. What does that mean? The body creates fat cells to carry acids away from your vital organs, so these acids literally don't choke your organs to death. Fat is saving your life! Fat is actually a response from the body to an alarming over-acidic condition. So how do you lose weight? Alkalize and Exercise, beginning with the health and diet plan outlined in The pH Miracle, by enjoying an organic greens drink product that is loaded with chlorophyll, like Doc Broc Power Plants, and by drinking purified, alkaline water from one of the quality water ionizers we offer, such as the Chanson Miracle Water Ionizer.

Alkaline Diet—Water and Food—to Maintain a Healthy Weight

At the other end of the health spectrum, the yeast and fungus produced within an overly acidic body can feed on your nutrients and reduce the chemical and mechanical absorption of everything you eat by as much as 50%. This causes many people to become excessively thin, which is no healthier than becoming overweight.

Without protein, your body cannot rebuild new tissues or produce enzymes, hormones, or hundreds of other chemical components necessary for cell energy and organ activity. Fatigue, illness, and body weight changes are the results. When an underweight person begins to follow the alkaline health and diet lifestyle they may initially loose a little more weight as their body chemistry stabilizes; but, as their body normalizes, they will begin to gain towards their ideal weight. Healthy bodies are not overweight or underweight. A healthy body naturally maintains its own ideal weight. You can begin to restore health, balance, and harmony to your body with pH Miracle brand nutritional supplements. As alkalizing and oxygenation begins to take place, the body naturally begins to seek its own ideal weight.

Allergies Signify Over-Acidification

The toxins produced within an overly acidic, oxygen deprived body may contribute significantly to what are often called the symptoms of allergy. In addition, the absorption of undigested proteins is a major cause of allergy conditions. The digestive system is weakened, which prevents the total breakdown of amino acids—often causing food allergies. This alone may produce a wide spectrum of severe allergic reactions. When you alkalize and exercise, beginning with an organic green drinks loaded with chlorophyll and purified, ionized water from a quality water machine/water ionizer, these allergies will begin to subside. This is because these products introduce oxygenating and alkalizing elements into your body—helping to balance the conditions that may lead to hyper-sensitivities.

The Fatigue Due to an Acidic Diet

Fatigue is probably the major symptom suffered by an overly acidic body. The toxins produced in an acidic body environment reduce the absorption of protein and minerals, which in turn weakens the body's ability to produce enzymes and hormones. This also interferes with the reconstruction of cells and other necessary components of energy production. The result is fatigue, poor endurance, an inability to add muscle tone, and general weakness. To abolish your fatigue and become the energetic person you want to be, begin by alkalizing with greens drinks like Doc Broc Power Plants and alkaline water from one of the excellent Chanson water ionizers we’ve made available.

Doc Broc Power Plants, greens drink powder, is formulated to bring you vital nutrient elements and easily digested protein. This alkalizing, energizing, and nourishing green formula begins oxygenating your body.

Alkaline Water and Water Ionizers

The most important thing you must learn is to hydrate the body with alkalizing water. Like the earth on which we live, our bodies are 70% water. Food cravings are often the body's cry for water. A thirst for water will begin as one begins to hydrate with water.

A diet high in acid foods such as meat, dairy, grains, high sugar fruits, and bread causes acid wastes to build up in the body. When acid wastes enter our blood stream, the blood system will attempt to dispose of these wastes in liquid form through the lungs or the kidneys. If there are too many wastes to handle, they are deposited in various organ systems like the heart, pancreas, liver, colon, and other locations.

The breakdown of this disposal process of acid waste could also be called "the aging process." To slow down and reverse this process, one must begin by removing this over-acidification of the blood and tissues by including liberal amounts of alkaline water in the diet. Alkaline water has a pH between 9 and 11, and will neutralize harmful stored acid wastes and gently remove them from the tissues. And the best alkaline water comes from water ionizers, that produce many more positive effects than just alkalizing the water. You can Learn more about Water Ionizers Here.

Alkaline Diet—Foods You May Enjoy Freely

Are You Getting Enough Alkaline Foods in Your Diet?

Your health depends on an alkaline environment, created by eating foods such as tomatoes, avocados and green vegetables...striking the optimum 80/20 balance and regulating your body's acid/alkaline chemistry through simple changes in diet can result in weight loss, increased stamina and strength, a stronger immune system and a greater sense of wellbeing.

How Did We Become So Out of Balance?

After years of societal changes, millions of dollars of marketing spent and technological advances, we, as a race, are now facing more dietary based health challenges than ever before. It is no coincidence that the rapidly growing numbers of cancer, cardiovascular disease and diabetes correlate almost exactly with the rise in consumption of acid forming foods such as sugars, saturated fats, and white breads. At the same time our consumption of fresh vegetables and essential fatty acids has decreased dramatically, making way for convenience and a generation hooked on sugary treats.

Becoming Alkaline With a Simple and Healthy Diet

This is not as difficult or as technical as it sounds. When we talk about eating alkaline foods or starting an alkaline diet we are referring to consuming those foods and drink which have an alkaline effect on the body. This effect is based upon the ash residue that remains after our foods are consumed. Some foods leave an acid ash, whereas others leave an alkaline ash. Conveniently for us, our bodies have been designed to categorize which foods leave which kind of ash into neat and easy to remember groups.

Of course, everybody is different - but most of us should aim to eat 75-80% alkaline foods and a maximum of 20-25% acid forming foods.

The following guides and articles are intended to give you all of the information you need to successfully begin and maintain an alkaline lifestyle. If there are any resources that you would like to see here in the future, please do not hesitate to get in touch:

Click here to see our Acid/Alkaline Food Chart.


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