The pH Miracle® Sales Associate Program

The pH Miracle® Center's Sales Associate Program is for individuals and companies that want to participate in promoting Dr. Young's knowledge and products in a big way.  It's not for everyone!  Participants act as Independent Sales Associates and Representatives representing pH Miracle® in the wholesale and retail sales of its goods, products and services.

As a Sales Associate you'll have the opportunity to vigorously promote the sale of pH Miracle® products, goods, and services through all channels of distribution available to the Sales Associates without limitation as to marketing area or territory.

How the pH Miracle® Center Sales Associate Program Works:

First, you'll need to fill out this application.  Applicants are reviewed by pH Miracle®.  If you appear to be a good fit for this program, we'll send you more details and contracts.  If not, you might consider our pH Miracle® Associate program.  

Second, once you've been approved as a Sales Associate, we'll send you an email indicating that you've been approved and giving you further instructions on how to sign up customers and receive commissions. 

CLICK HERE TO APPLY for the pH Miracle® Center Sales Associate Program and please read all the pertinent information and Q&A information appended below.



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