Diabetes Success Stories

Gabriel Roman Type I Diabetes Testimonial:

Dear Dr. Young, Two months ago my husband and I were shocked when our family doctor informed us he thought our six year old son, Gabriel, had Type 1 Diabetes. The pediatric endocrinologist we were referred to was reasonably sure he had the disease. Although the specialist said we detected it early, he estimated that Gabriel would be insulin-dependent within six months. When we asked if there was anything we could do, the doctor assured us there was no way to prevent the onset of Type 1 Diabetes. We would just have to wait for the disease to run its course. Our hearts were grieving for our precious son.

We immediately began learning all we could about Type 1 Diabetes. I am an R.N., and I have studied health alternatives and nutrition. I began scouring the internet and researching sources I have studied. After considering many possibilities,
Dr. Youngs's research seemed the most promising. Dr Young generously invited us to visit the research center as a case study for his microscopy course. He confirmed the Type 1 Diabetes diagnosis and started Gabriel on the pH Miracle Living Plan or the COWS Plan as outlined in his book, The pH Miracle for Diabetes.

The day we visited the pH Miracle Center, Gabriel began drinking what he calls "green power". We began the alkaline diet immediately. His blood sugar levels dropped to within normal range and have remained normal. Gabriel says he feels so much better. Overall, his flagging energy has returned to its previous vitality.

Gabriel now tells everyone he wants to be a doctor. He wants to help other sick people like Dr. Young. We thank God for the pH Miracle Living program which has been and answer to our prayers. Thanks to Dr. Young's dedicated research, our mourning has been transformed into hope. —Gabriel's Mom

Katrina's Diabetes Testimonial:

Katrina's Live Blood: Before and After

Jeffery's Diabetes Reversal Testimonial:

I had just turned 47 years old, was 250 pounds, was taking over 100 units of insulin a day, had high blood pressure and neuropathy so bad that I couldn't feel my legs below my knees and my hands were always asleep. I needed glasses. I had acid reflux after every meal and the doctor said I would have to go on dialysis within two years. I had pretty much accepted a diabetic death sentence.

My college football days, where I could do anything I wanted athletically, were all but a distant memory. I was in pain. I was sick and tired. But then my worst fear was realized...

On March 1st, my nine year old daughter was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. My wife and I weren't going to accept a diabetic death sentence for her. A friend at church told my wife about a book, The pH Miracle. My wife read the book that night and the next morning said we needed to put these principles into practice, which we did. She also said we needed to get our blood analyzed by a nutritional microscopist. Within five weeks the three of us would travel to Minneapolis to hear Dr. Young speak and see our blood under a microscope.

What we saw and heard was amazing. My wife's blood was normal, my blood was terrible (I saw yeast being born out of a red blood cell), and my daughter's blood didn't look very good. . .Three weeks later I was at The pH Miracle Center in California, ready to. . .discover what I needed to know to help my daughter overcome diabetes.

It [took] ten short weeks since my wife first read [the] book for me to become a pH miracle. I was now 178 pounds (and still am), I now take around 20 units of insulin a day total, have no need for high blood pressure medicine, have no neuropathy, no acid reflux, no glasses and two healthy kidneys. And best of all, my daughter, at one point, had gone 21 days in a row without the need for insulin.

I can't thank you enough, Dr. Young, for all that you have done for me and my daughter. — Jeffery A. Arnson

Chancellor's Diabetes Testimonial:

Joan's Diabetes Testimonial:

Dr. Young,
I have been doing type 1 diabetes since 1969, two weeks after having the thought, "maybe if I got really, really sick, Jim (former husband) will pay more attention to me. I was flown to Miami Heart Institute by ambulance plane from Nassau, Bahamas, and admitted with a blood sugar of 1339.

I was introduced to your teachings in April, 2005, and wanted the possibilities your teachings offered. April 11, 2005, was my last diet soda, coffee, red meat etc, etc. I lost 20 lbs. & felt great. Unfortunately, my partner'smother died in Alabama. I traveled to Birmingham to be with him, taking a brand new bottle of insulin with me. The insulin had bee n without refrigeration for ten days because of hurricanes, and was no longer any good. I ended up back in the hospital with a sugar up in the 600's and even worse on hospital food. It has taken me almost four years to get totally back on track. I am not as disciplined as I would like to think I am!

Today, however, I visited my endocrinologist and learned that my AC1 is down to 6.7. It was always 7.8. AND my cholesterol is down to 183. My Dr. thought it was because of the Zetia she gave me a prescription for, but I refused to take it. My cholesterol had been 289, to 269, to 239 and now 183. I'm so excited and now believe that my insulin pump will be permanently retired and my body will be restored to perfect health as long as I keep on the broccoli and avocados.

Dr. Young thank you, thank you, thank you. Know how much you are appreciated by some of us who have heard your message. Isn't it amazing how stubborn people can be when it comes to their health?—Joan Painton

John's Type I Diabetes Testimonial:

John is a 13 year old boy from San Francisco, California and was diagnosed with Type I diabetes with blood sugars as high as 540 mg/dl and a A1c of 12. John's Mother introduced John to the pH Miracle Lifestyle and Diet. His blood sugars are now normal, his A1c has dropped to 5.9 and he no longer needs insulin injection. John will continue on the pH Miracle for Diabetes program to continue his healing of his bowels where diabetes begins. That's right. Dr. Young's theory is diabetes begins in the bowels not the pancreas. Two of the major contributors to the condition of diabetes and damage to the intestinal villi of the small intestines is the ingestion of animal protein and high sugar foods. John is happy to know that he does not have to take insulin for the rest of his life. John's progress is being followed by the University of California San Francisco, California and the pH Miracle Living Center, San Diego, California.

Mark Diabetes Testimonial:

Dear Dr Robert Young,
I would like to say thank you. I was diagnosed as a diabetic back in January of this year. But after buying your book PH Miracle Cure for Diabetes, I now feel that there is hope, not just for me but for everyone, who care to try to help themselves.

My blood sugars levels were 20 back in January. Well I said to myself that diabetes is not going to beat me, in fact it's picked on the wrong person.

Anyway I've lost 1 and a half stones, I'm now 12 stone, but I would like to get down to 11 or maybe 10 and a half stone. At one point for the first week I was losing 2lbs. a day!

In May I had to have a blood test to see how on average my blood sugar levels have been over 3 months, this I was told was weather I would have to go on tablets. [I check my urine level with strips, which I can now keep 99.99% of the time negative. Unlike when I first used them, scared me I can tell you.]

I had to see my Dr. for the results a couple ofdays later. He was very happy with my results[not as happy as I was when he told me the results].

I quote what he said ' Well Mark I'm please to tell you that your blood sugar levels have averaged at 6.6. And I thought I would have to put you on tablets.

He asked me what I had done, and how I managed to get my sugars down and what ever I was doing,to keep with it. So I told about your book.

I've still got a way to go as yet. But I've got further then I would have, thanks to you and your book. All the best, Mark Daniels

Eleanor Diabetes Testimonial:

Dear Dr. Young,
When I went to my doctor two weeks ago for a physical I had had blood work done just before going in. The doctor came in and said we need to have a talk.

She told me my fasting blood sugar was 265.

She proceeded to lay out a treatment plan for diabetes.

I was to go to all kinds of classes at the hospital and she gave me a menu plan to follow. Of course the menu was full of acidic foods. I said, "wait a minute, give me a month to do what I know to do." She said, "well you can do that too but I want you to get started right away on the meds and what I tell you. I have treated over 5000 diabetics and I know what you need to do!"

Well, in 48 hours my blood sugar was down a hundred points. I lost ten pounds in six days and in nine days it was a total of twelve pounds. I listened to your CD on diabetes and tried your suggestion of drinking and eating greens with all kinds of sprouts. Every time I followed your instructions my blood sugar count went down some more.

Tonight, the pH Miracle Living Lifestyle and Diet brought my blood sugars down to 123 - a half-hour after drinking the green drink and eating the sprouts.

Of course I am so happy with the results!

I called the doctor's office a few times and told them what was happening. The office staff said they were impressed and that they had told the doctor what was happening and that she was also impressed.

I go back to the doctor the end of the month to have another check-up. This will be very interesting don't you think? —Eleanor Bolin

Sherry Diabetes Testimonial:

Dr. Young,
I just started this program 3 days ago for my son and myself. I wanted to let you know that my 3 year-old's type 1 diabetes appeared to be reversed on the very first day after instituting the alkalarian diet. I expected it would take some time before seeing results but this is amazing. Nothing has worked so far except for this. He was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes in Nov after being rushed to the hospital with blood sugars over 800, Kussmals respirations, and in a near diabetic coma. I have searched and searched for anything that could reverse this nightmare. It has been 6 months. This is so amazing. I just wanted to let you know that it is working for us immediately. We actually let him have the sprouted tortilla's and actual diet. He is averaging between 70-100 blood sugars. It is very hard to get him to do the feast only. The day before we started he had sugars out of control ranging 300-500. For the last year, we have been eating an organic diet but obviously that was not enough. I called the endocrinologists office to let them know I was stopping all insulin due to his change in blood sugars, and the nurse agreed and stated he might be going into a late honeymood phase, but that would be unusual at this late of time but not to get my hopes up. I still check him 4x per day, his blood sugars are better than mine.

I will write again after some time has passed and let you know how he is progressing. Your work is amazing and I just wanted to let you know I have prayed everyday for the Lord to heal my son and He led me to your book "The pH Miracle For Diabetes" I am very grateful for your work and it is changing our lives. I started the diet too and my husband and other 2 children are going to be starting as well. Our son, Christian, is the only one who has diabetes, but thru this nightmare we will all have "Life more abundantly." Thank you so much!! —Sherry Cook

Kasia Diabetes Testimonial:

I have a very good news. . .Szymon takes no insulin!!!! He took it for 5 months—every day—3 times a day and WE ARE FREE of taking insulin. . .His sugar [levels] are almost normal—I say almost because sometimes it is still too high 1 hour after a meal but after 2 hours it is perfect again—even without insulin.

We also changed our diet. . .The little one was doing really bad on formula—his stomach was always upset, he didn't poo for 3 days and his urine pH was low. I changed everything—no formula, just green shakes (he loves the one with coconut milk)—and he is doing so well. And I don't have to worry any more—my kids are SAFE! I feel wonderful on the pH Miracle diet—I am full of energy and my husband's allergies are also gone.

It is a new life, a new awareness—we are different people and I am thankful for this.

The diabetes was a blessing to our family!

The most sad part about it is our doctor—and doctors in general. Now I understand that they don't really want to help people—their minds are so doctor tells me that my son is still in the honeymoon stages. He wasn't happy during our last visit. He doesn't understand what is going on! I am not telling him much because he doesn't ask me what I am doing. Can you imagine that he has never asked what my son eats and for the good blood result (his AC1 dropped from 9.8 to 6.3) he gave my son an acidic sugary lollipop! The only thing I hear at the office is, "let him eat whatever he wants, take him to McDonalds, let him be a kid, let him feel happy"! Happy??? I see lots of kids in the Doctor's waiting room sitting there with their pumps, with their sad faces, with their little fingers poked 10 times a day and I want to scream!!! It is so sad.

I want to Thank You Shelley. . .and Dr. Young for doing such a good job, for helping people, for changing minds and lives and for giving us hope for a better future!

Thank You Very Much, Kasia

Larry Diabetes Testimonial:

Dr. Young,
My name is Larry. I live in Thousand Oaks, CA. I havebeen obese for over 45 years. I did diabetes for almost 15 years.It was not fun--you live with the fear of what's next, heart disease,stroke, blindness, amputation, gout, kidney stones, kidney failure,nerve damage.

In my case it was, and I quote my doctor, 'If you don't go to UCLAand get your stomach stapled, your going to die,' end of quote. I didnot get my stomach stapled.

I did change my lifestyle. I no longer do diabetes. I have removedover 125 pounds. I am 63, but I feel and move like I am 21. At onepoint my blood sugar levels were in the 350 to 400 range during theday and around 280 first thing in the morning. I was taking insulinshots four times a day and 8 other drugs related to my diabetes.

Now, I no longer take any of those drugs. Most of the time, mysugars range between 100 to 130 and on bad eating day into the140's. I am a product of the product. If you want to enjoy thesame energy level you had at 21, become a product of this product.—Larry Vermillion


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