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In recent years, the Vitamin and Nutritional Supplements Industries along with Alternative Medicine in general have been under increasingly aggressive assaults from several directions. Both Congress and the FDA have made coordinated attempts to restrict Dietary and Nutritional Supplements and Vitamins and to bring both under the control of the FDA. You can "Google" the search terms: "Nutritional Supplements" +FDA, and you will get some idea of the extent of this aggressive assault.

Dr. Robert O. Young, Ph.D., D. Sc. is one of the brightest lights and leading proponents of Alternative Medicine. Dr. Young has written 8 books translated into a dozen languages and published worldwide including his signature volume, The pH Miracle, published by Warner Books, an AOL Time-Warner Company.

Because he is so prominent, Dr. Young is always in the cross-hairs of those wishing to put the Alternative Medicine industry out-of-business, e.g., attacks coming from the broad medical establishment and/or to make ALL Dietary and Nutritional Supplements available only by prescription…. benefiting only the medical establishment, and big pharmaceutical companies.

A prime insidious tactic of regulators and large multi-national companies (major pharmaceutical companies, U.S. Government, etc.) is to attack smaller components of a particular industry whom they believe will not have the resources to properly defend, and with the hope of establishing a Court "precedent" which can then be used against the larger components of the target industry. Dr. Young has been the target on several occasions and continues to successfully defend.

However, the continued defense of these matters, after a while, begin to take a toll. Dr. Young is often in the position of defending the rights of all of us to (a) free and unrestrained access to Dietary and Nutritional Supplements, and (b) to be in charge of our own bodies and our own health care through Alternative Medical approaches without being subjected to the often-tyrannical medical approaches of traditional medicine. Traditional medical practice demands virtual blind obedience even in the face of overwhelming evidence that many of its practices are not only not helpful, but are often actually harmful and occasionally even fatal.

This unfortunate situation happens so often that there is a name for it, "Iatrogenic", meaning "Induced in a patient by a physician's activity, manner, or therapy". Last year, the latest date for which data is available, physicians were estimated to be directly responsible for the deaths of as many as 98,000 of their patients. If Alternative Medicine had such a record, it would be totally extinct by now!

We have to preserve and protect the freedom to be in charge of our own health care. We must have the freedom to choose our own therapy and medical treatments including the right to choose Alternative Medical treatments if we desire and to have free access to, and unregulated availability of, Dietary and Nutritional Supplements.

Dr. Young is a leading champion of the Alternative Medicine field. As such, he is frequently called upon to defend ALL of us and our rights to be in charge of our own bodies and our own medical treatment. His work on behalf of us all is VERY expensive.

Dr. Young is presently involved in two major lawsuits, with others threatened, and each of which attacks a different area of the Alternative Medicine Industry. Click on any of the links on this page to review the status of the various litigations, and decide if you would like to contribute to help Dr. Young defend all of us.

Only by establishing and maintaining a sizable Legal Defense Fund can Dr. Young and the pH Miracle Center be ready and able to mount a vigorous, instant defense as attacks upon the interests of all of us arise. With such a Legal Defense Fund in place, Dr. Young will be in a position to file briefs Amicus Curiae in other important cases effecting Alternative Medicine and the Dietary / Nutritional Supplement Industries, and to directly participate in their defense.

If you want Dr. Young to continue to be a forceful spokesman for ALL of us - please contribute to the pH Miracle Legal Defense Fund now as your ability permits… and THANK YOU for your understanding, courage, and support.

No contribution is too large or too small… we are grateful for each and every one.

***Donations are Not Tax Deductible


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