Again, I want to say thank you for the wonderful and enriching experience you have shared with me during the retreat. It has been
quite an "empowering" experience which I will take with me in my quest for growth and success.

- Arthur Ortega

Dr Young both you and Shelley have changed my life, it truly will never be the same, it can only keep improving with all you both have shared and taught me. I hope others will take time to enjoy this incredible life changing experience with both of you too! Thank you for showing me how to "Choose to Alkalize and Energize" my life and health. With love and gratitude always,

- Denise Finocchio

Dr Young's Program for me is truly is a miracle, a chance for me to live my life just as God ordained. People who have known me over the years ask me about the program because they have seen a dramatic change in my health. DON'T KNOCK IT UNTIL YOU'VE TRIED IT BECAUSE FOR ME IT REALLY WORKS.

- Roy Mccready
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Sunlight. It's the essence of life—it warms, it invigorates, it instigates growth. To it, everything on earth owes its survival. Our products are created to harness the actual powers of the sun and instill them within you. To bring you health. To bring you energy. And to bring you a literal inner light.

The Concept So how do Dr. Robert and Shelley capture the essence of sunlight in their organic greens and pure mineral colloidal products? Consider this: Green plants absorb sunlight directly. Therefore, they are a literal biological accumulation of light.

Just imagine. A bite of a fresh, sun-grown vegetable. A bite into the sun's generous energy. It was a concept that made sense in its simplicity. It was also a concept that made sense to Dr. Robert and Shelley Young, the founders of The pH Miracle Foundation.

The Story A pioneer of analyzing living blood cells, Dr. Young was fascinated with the striking visual differences between diseased and healthy cells. Under the microscope, unhealthy cells appear dark and misshapen. Healthy blood cells, however, are round, vibrant in color, and practically glow in comparison to diseased cells. What creates this contrast? What is this nearly tangible inner light?
An answer began to form through years of research, and Dr. Young found support for his studies in the findings of several American and European scientists. One scientific researcher, Dr. Bircher-Benner, concisely summarized the relationship between light and cells: "The absorption and organization of sunlight, the essence of life, is derived almost exclusively through plants. Since light is the driving force of every cell in our bodies, that is why we need green plants." Already convinced of the overwhelmingly
healthy (and underwhelmingly utilized) benefits plants contribute to our diet, the Young's set out to harness this natural cache of light and direct its energies to individual human cells. The result was a family of natural, plant and mineral-based supplements, each "energized" to reflect its origin from the sun. "It's what our mission and products are all about," explains Shelley Young. "Transferring the inner light of plants to our body's cells."

The Company Today, The pH Miracle Foundation is a global organization of thousands, committed to the illumination of not only healthy bodies, but of healthy attitudes. We wish to promote a fresher, friendlier view of nutrition. That's why, since our inception in 1988, our goal has been to simplify. To spread to people everywhere a simple message of health. To provide simply natural, unaffected products to promote excellence in nutrition and well-being. And to do it in an uncomplicated, personal way.

What happened to all that energy you used to have? You remember what it was like. Itching to get going at dawn. Running at full speed the rest of the day. Napping not because you felt like it, but because Mom made you. As a kid, your energy never seemed to quit. So what happened?
People everywhere tell the same story: as they've "grown up," they've grown out of their youthful effervescence. The human body is designed to perform for decades. And we've all looked with envy at people who not only appear far younger than their actual age but act that way too. A mind can
think up trouble
faster than a
healthy body
can get into it.
It comes down to a matter of internal energy—not only within our bodies, but within our individual cells. Cells robbed of the nutrients they crave fail to perform at their peak level. Their functionality diminishes and the cells themselves begin to shrivel and actually darken in color due to lack of food, light, and oxygen.
The Trouble
with Diet

Much of this is caused by the typical lifestyle in our culture. For years, our foods have become more and more processed—that is, taken farther and farther away from the natural state in which they were grown.

Everything on earth carries some form of electrical charge and frequency—and your body and the foods you eat are no exceptions.
When your body breaks food down into nutrients usable by cells, those nutrients carry an electrical charge and frequency equal to that of the food—not of your body. Since the most highly charged particles are colloids sent directly from the sun, the closer a food's state is to when it obtained the sun's energy, the more energy that food retains. Fresh wheat sprouts have a high level of natural energy—but when the same mature plants are dried, ground, processed, and bleached into flour, they lose a tremendous amount of their nutrients and their colloidal charge. And think about it of what type of food does our society eat more of—processed or fresh?
The Trouble with Vitamins

It's not that we don't try to make up for our lack of nutrients. The market is full of vitamin supplements of every kind. But even these don't completely solve the problem. Vitamin pills, too, are far removed from a nutrient's natural source of energy. They've been chemically formulated, processed, and compressed into hard, white tablets that contain virtually no electrical charge whatsoever. So when these vitamin pills pass through the system, the body must not only work to break up the hard pills, it struggles to absorb nutrients with an electrical charge so much lower than its own. In fact, most dietitians believe that as little as 3%—and only as much as 15%—of a typical supplement's nutrients are absorbed before they pass out of the body.
Every food we eat has an electrical charge. The closer the food to its natural state, the higher the charge. Dr. Robert O. Young breaks vitamins and minerals into tiny colloidal particles that are easy to absorb-and then supercharges them so they are actually attracted to your cells and instantly utilized.

What is the pH Miracle Difference?
The Youngs supplements, however, literally bring new energy to each cell directly. It's a big idea that begins with the tiniest of particles—the particles called colloids.
A whole face
(not just the mouth)
that really grins.

Since colloids are so small, it is easy for our cells to absorb vitamins and minerals introduced at this size. Knowing this, the pH Miracle begins by breaking basic nutrient elements into billions of colloidal particles. Then, unlike any other supplement provider, we ensure these colloids remain individually separated through a proprietary process called Micro-Ionization™.
But perhaps the most striking difference about the Young's products are their living energy. Not only are colloids separated for prime absorption, they are given an additional electrical charge. This charge actually attracts the colloids to your cells where they can be instantly utilized. The energy within each cell literally "jumps." Functionality is rejuvenated. And your cells—and you yourself—can feel that maybe the energy you knew as a kid isn't so long gone after all. A body ready to
tackle the evil
forces of the
And the energy
to keep it up
for more
than an hour
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