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  • Water Ionizer Super Hydration

    Most water available to us today—coming out of our taps, in bottles, as well as the many filtration units on the market—is improperly structured for optimal hydration. These waters lack hexagonal structuring and smaller cluster size which allows water to permeate your body's cells. Without this crucial structure, water cannot get inside the cell itself. Therefore your body must use its own resources to attempt to produce hexagonal structure within this water.

    You see, any type of water can quench your thirst, but only properly ionized water from an alkaline water machine can offer superior hydration. And among other things, proper hydration is vital to keeping skin looking smooth, healthy and young. To achieve this level of hydration water must have no more than five or six molecules per cluster.

    pH Miracle-approved water ionizers produce water with smaller hexagonal molecular structure, making it "wetter" than tap or bottled water. These smaller clusters of water molecules are less than half the size of those found in tap water. The smaller cluster size produced by a good water ionizer gives the water excellent hydrating properties, high solubility and good cellular permeability—providing superior hydration to the human organism.


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